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The Official Campaign for CHID 491C

“By Imperial Decree, the Eastward Continent is now open to all Explorers, Cartographers, Researchers, Ambassadors, and any Other Designated Officers of the Empire, either by Proxy or by Imperial Rank, whom wish to Subject these new Lands for Imperial Rule.”
— The Eastward Decree, 1521 KY

The Eastward Continent, recently discovered by infamous navigator and explorer Andren Jossi, has recently been opened for citizens, subjects, and officers of the Westmarch Empire for exploration, cartography, research, colonization, conquest, and so forth. Since the Eastward Decree, a flood of Imperial subjects have landed on its shores, but survival has proven to be difficult. Patrons of bars and taverns whisper stories of Eastward, stories of an ancient, cursed land driving men mad; of crumbling ruins from a distant, lost empire; glorious riches guarded by terrible beasts and demons; lakes of boiling water and mountains with frozen peaks; strange creatures which roam its steamy jungles. Regardless, various Imperial Organizations continue to find a continual stream of mercenaries, adventurers, researchers, explorers, merchants, and rugged individuals requesting passage and that all-important promise of anyone who carries a copy of the King’s Charter — freedom and glory unavailable to any citizens except those fortunate to be of noble birth.

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Boiling Lake
Jossi Gorge – North
Jossi Gorge – South
Golden Plains
Verdant Jungle
Shattered Bay
The Wastes
Frostpeake Mountains
King’s Desert

Imperial Charters, Free Companies, and All Other Organizations Incorporated or Otherwise
College of the Five Colors
Imperial Cartographers Guild
Jossi Chartered Company
Mina Eastward Chartered Company
The Free Company
Senatorial Exploratory Committee
Ringe University
Rosett Free Company
Imperial College of Alchemistry
Church of the Saints

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