Freeport is a small port city on the northern coast of Eastward. While officially under the rule of the Empire de jure, Freeport is de facto ruled by the various organizations who have established branches, houses, headquarters, and stations in Freeport. The tense yet peaceful competition between these organizations is the main driving force behind Freeport’s success despite Eastward’s harsh environment.

Freeport’s main stable population consists of 30,000 people; about 20,000 of those citizens are officials working for the organizations in the city. During the spring months, when the yearly influx of merchant and cargo ships flood Freeport’s bay, the population can often swell to 100,000 people. This population experiences a rapid decline as many of the adventurers, explorers, cartographers, and researchers head out into the wilds and never return.

Freeport consists of five main districts: the Imperial District, the Cathedral District, the Charter District, the Manufacture District, and the Residential District. Some Freeport farmers have recently begun petitioning for an expansion of Freeport to encompass what they claim is the sixth district of Freeport — their farmlands, which they often must continually fight for against the creatures, beasts, and demons that regularly come out of the neighboring Verdant Jungle to pillage their crops.

An adventurer who manages to survive in Eastward will find that the services in Freeport are quite adequate and even extensive in certain areas (such as weapons, armor, and magical artifacts). In fact, adventurers can make a fortune in Eastward — if they can survive.


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